Lazer Vento KinetiCore Matte Titanium

Lazer Vento KinetiCore Matte Titanium

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Lazer Vento KinetiCore Matte Titanium


Lazer has presented KinetiCore, the “world’s first” fully integrated rotational impact technology for cycling helmets.

KinetiCore has been in development for over a decade and is set to “change the way people think about brain protection technology”. It provides improved protection for cyclists while making helmets lighter, improving airflow and increasing comfort.

The development of KinetiCore began just over ten years ago when awareness of the dangers of rotational impact began to improve, and technologies started appearing in the market to combat those effects. Lazer decided to create its own proprietary technology, starting from scratch.

The first step was an assessment of how different types of impact affect cyclists and, using advanced simulations, Lazer created thousands of templates to model and understand how to combat those impacts. The breakthrough happened when the design team studied how crumple zones work in cars, which inspired them to build cone-like crumple zones into the inside of the helmet, designed to break on impact and dissipate energy that would otherwise be transferred to a rider’s skull.

KinetiCore is the result of that process – set of EPS foam blocks built directly into the helmet designed to buckle in the event of direct and rotational impact, redirecting energy away from the brain.

Kineticore has other positive effects on helmet design as well. The technology is integrated into the helmet meaning it reduces the overall weight. It also means that Lazer is able to design each helmet to the company’s own specifications and build KinetiCore in rather than having to add it afterwards.

That means Lazer has been able to increase ventilation and improve airflow through each helmet. KinetiCore also results in less plastic being used in each helmet, reducing the environmental impact of helmet production.

Mike Smink, Lazer’s commercial director, said: “Our aim has always been to protect cyclists in the even of crashes in the most effective, comfortable and stylish way possible. KinetiCore aligns to our mission, based on a principle that has been our foundation for over 100 years: ‘to contribute to a society where cyclist can enjoy riding in safety.’”

Lazer’s R&D manager Guido de Bruyne added: “With our position of holding the most 5-star rated helmets withing the independent Virginia Tech bicycle helmet rating, the moment they confirmed our first KinetiCore helmets with 5 stars was hugely important. This is because this standard is recognised as the leading independent reference to cyclist brain-protection technology.